From command line we have the entire MySQL server on hands (if we have privileges too of course) but we don’t have a overall overview, at this point the show table status command is every useful, or not?.

This is what we get when run show table status in a standard 80×25 terminal screen:

Creating sequences in MySQL

Those who have used PostgresSQL usually gets lazy when write the SQL code to auto-numeric fields, but we miss that feature when we are in a MySQL database.

As we know, MySQL have auto-increment fields, that are very useful too, but we miss that feature when we are in a PostgreSQL …

Hello world!

Welcome to my recently created blog, in this place I will publish my english entries, I have a spanish blog in www.latindevelopers.com/ivancp/ but I don’t like mix english posts inside a spanish blog.

Many of my posts may be are interesting in english too, this is the main reason.

Here’s a list of things I’m looking forward …

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