Twitter bug found!

Some days ago while I’m looking for what are saying about a server down I found a twitter bug:

Is not a big deal, to repeat this bug you must follow these steps:

1. Find any term, in this case “” then in results looking for a word that have the search term as a part of them (ex and select the a part or entire word:

twitter bug 01

2. Press Ctrl + C,  some HTML codes appear from nowhere:

twitter bug 02

3. Do it again and again, you will see an strange twit like this:

twitter bug 03

I’m using Firefox 8.0  under Ubuntu, but you will get the same result using Chrome and (maybe) other web clients… you can try with other searches like and select results.


@jeremycole  says: “Your URL-selection Twitter bug was fixed and shipped yesterday afternoon! Thanks!” on Mar 14 2012

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