CMS based on phpBB posts

phpBBIf you are using phpBB maybe you need to show a individual phpBB post on an external page (outside of our phpBB forum) but it can be frustrating because phpBB uses a key in each bbcode (bitfield), but when I explore the source code I found the solution to extract parsed HTML text from phpBB posts.

Also I try to use a phpBB CMS Mod but I leave it because is still in development and now I’m trying to make my own CMS from phpBB posts, I use some code from phpBB tutorials and now I have a very basic CMS using phpBB Posts.

This is an overview:

  • I use apache mod_rewrite to make search engine friendly URL’s. (like this post)
  • The phpBB posts are located in a hide moderated forum, it also can use as a section to allow phpBB user post articles.
  • The media content (images, attachments, etc) is stored in phpBB files section.
  • I make custom .tpl files to sections: frontpage, article listings, articles, etc.
  • Also I defined custom bbcodes to show: head sections (h1,h2,h3…), highlighted code, HTML  tables, notes, comments, etc.

But, is still in development I need to finish the resources section and multi-language content, from now all content will be based on phpBB.

You can view the CMS running on (spanish only) when I finish this custom phpBB CMS I will test the security, and maybe publish under GPL.

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